Monday, January 31, 2011

My home is my castle...

Well, we have found a house! While we were out looking for a rental, which was VERY frustrating because everything we could afford was a dump, or instantly rented, our old landlord called and asked us if we wanted our old house back. The tenant that moved in was being transferred and the house was coming available. At first, we thought we might not take it, but after some calculating, we decided it was a smart move for us to move back in. We know the good's and bad's of the house, we know what the bills are, we know and like the area, and the house has everything we need (though we would like more square footage). The landlord is even giving us a few weeks free rent and paying for materials to let us do some work on the property! Woohoo!

So, we're moving back into our old house, who would've thought that was even possible?
We are planning on building Victoria a bed to go in her room...and we are VERY excited about this! I'll just post a photo of our INSPIRATION (not sure exactly what our plans are yet) and you'll see why...I mean, who wouldn't want a bed this cool as a kid??!?!?!?! This way we can also give her the pink and girly stuff she wants without having pepto-bismol

On another note, I had 8 vials of blood taken today and took my first injection of a different fertility drug (Gonal-F) today. It's a much higher dosage than what I was before and that makes me a bit nervous. Last time I developed a cyst instead of any mature follicles. The doctor is hoping for me to get 3-6 follicles matured. I pray that this works....

Oh yeah, and Miah is in his new unit now and he seems to like it. They sound like they will be doing a lot of training over the next year and probably deploying next February. It kind of scares me, but I know he is ready to go.

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