Monday, January 6, 2014

Where are the white coats?

This is going to sound really weird to a lot of you, but I feel like such a fake, a phony, a fraud. I feel like a fraud because I have spent so many infertility appointments in the same waiting room, surrounded by pregnant people, hating them. Absolutely, hating them, wishing they didn't exist...or at least not at that moment...because I couldn't have what they had. Now, sitting there, I feel like I don't belong. At my doctor's appointments I keep waiting for them to come and take me away in a white coat for thinking I could be pregnant.

But, on another note, I had my 28 week OB appt today. Everything is looking great still. Baby is moving good and fluid levels are within normal range, though baby is measuring a little bit big. 10-11 weeks left until I get to meet my new little man!!