Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shots for my birthday!!

I will definitely be doing shots for my birthday...two different kinds...

Needle shots in my tummy daily (more fertility drugs) and the liquor kind (maybe not shots, and maybe not daily, but I will be drinking). Dammit...I'm turning 30 tomorrow...I can do what I want.

I think most people set up goals for themselves in life to hit by certain timelines...I hit several of mine by this age, but not nearly all. I am very happily married with a beautiful daughter and a good life, so I can't complain much. I am still going to college, but am just a few months from an associates degree and moving right into my Bachelor's program. Still not quite sure what I want to focus on in the Bachelor's program, but I have a few ideas. I did not hit my weight goal, but I did lose some weight...it would help if I added an exercise program into eating better, but it's a start. Other goals I had I have no control over what-so-ever, thus the belly shots, and that's ok for now...

Anyhow...we are planning on going out for my birthday on Saturday night...to Hibatchi and then maybe to a bar or two. Still need a babysitter to do this, since the babysitter I had in mind backed out... :( Some of my friends and I are going to party and dance our arses off even if Bailey watches Victoria.

Been busy with my princess recently...we had a princess tea party, have been going swimming, to the splash pad, got her haircut, and just playing around the house. She had her 3 year wellness exam...doing just fine. She LOVES playing on my old computer. She has a video game that she knows how to load and play and it's pretty impressive to watch her figure it out.

I also went and had my hair done...added some stop-sign red highlights into it. :) I am sure I'll get some photos up here soon.

Well....looks like we'll be staying in North Carolina a while. Time to call the Realtor, renew the lease, and start painting this house. I want to tear down some wallpaper and get some color up on these walls.

Ok, got to feed the kiddo (and myself!).

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