Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy time of year

It has been amazingly busy for me and I fear it is only going to get more so. We have our wonderful nephew A living with us right now and he will be celebrating Christmas with us. He and V have been having so much fun together though it is a learning experience for them both. They are both headstrong and tattle-tellers so we have had a lot of correcting, but it will all work out. They are both 4.5 years old, so what can I expect...really? LOL

I feel very guilty because I was nominated for a blog award and have yet to get around to doing my portion...but I will...I PROMISE!! I just have to get ahead on some school work. I have 1.5 weeks left of this class and then I will have a MUCH needed break for a few short weeks over the holidays.

I have so many other things I have slipped on. I need to make more phone calls for work, I need to register & get the new car inspected (just a gas-saver older Honda Accord that we got really cheap), I have to clean my house (it's getting cluttery), I have to get my truck fixed, I have to relax...

I was able to spend some time with my great friend R tonight getting facials. It was a gift from her and we have both been so busy that we weren't able to take advantage of it earlier, so we finally made face feels fantastically smooth and soft. It was my first facial, but I am pretty sure I'll have another one again soon. It was nice.

V has her little Christmas concert tomorrow night for her preschool and I'm excited for her. It will be so cute. I hope My Love can make it and doesn't get stuck at work...they are getting ready for their upcoming deployment (ugh).

Anyhow, other than that, all is well...just busy.

Fertility wise - I'm about 6 days past IUI and I have no clue what is going on down there...lots of cramping, I can say that. I don't plan on testing anytime soon, so please don't ask. I will post when I do though.

Well, I'm off...super-mom still has homework to do...

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  1. ericka, the photo of v and her cousin is absolutely adorable! i love it.
    i'm glad you got to enjoy a well deserved treat with a friend.
    i'm wishing you much luck this month in all that comes your way <3
    happy almost thursday <3