Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 to 4...nothing less, nothing more...

I went in for my Ultrasound yesterday morning. Dr P came in and asked if I wanted to make a guess on how many were in there...I said, that I wasn't sure, but I know something is going on down there cause I am bloated and feeling "full"...then, I said "I want 2 to 4, nothing less, and nothing more"...

Well, he checked the right ovary first and besides my little pearl necklace of small follicles in there, there were 2 nice large follicles in the right ovary. Then we checked the left and had 2 more!

So, I got 2-4, nothing less, nothing more. Estradiol levels confirmed it too! OMG!

This is the FIRST time in 23 months of fertility drugs that I have had more than 1 egg from the meds!!! I am to trigger Wednesday night and we are scheduled to do an IUI on Thursday morning!


  1. Such great news Ericka...KMFX for you!

  2. That's awesome news! How many days did you stim for? I'm hoping to do the Gonal/Menopur combo in February. Did you use the Gonal pen still? Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Very, very exciting news!! I am so glad you've had good luck with this cycle. Looks like they finally found the right med combo for you!

  4. Praying for your! This is exciting!!