Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You'd better run child!!

We went to the park yesterday for some outdoor time because it was absolutely gorgeous outside yesterday. It is the end of January and a t-shirt and jeans was more than sufficient. The kids played on the playground for a little bit

After they got some playing out, we all wanted to go on a nice little walk on the paths around the park. The trails there are very pretty and it's a nice place to enjoy nature...except when Lil Miss decides to take off running. That alone wouldn't be the problem, but Lil Man decided he was going to walk with me...and I'm sorry, but that is a NO-GO with this mom. You need to exercise and get some energy out...GO! ...nothing...Run!!! Nope...he, I ran. I ran for the first time in a LONNNNNG time to make sure he ran. It hurt. I'm not going to lie to you...I have TERRIBLE knees and it hurt, but I didn't stop because I refuse to have a little boy in my house who can't keep up with a girl. Sorry kids.  He lagged behind us, but he kept running (though he complained about it almost the whole way). He will get faster as we do this more often...and I will probably do better as well. I'm thinking we go for another jog today (and maybe I'll wear better shoes).

And, as you can see from the photos below (when we finally got to the second playground at the park) he was none the worse for the exercise.

He finally ran ahead of me so I could snap a picture...

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  1. that is Adin! Good for you. I've had to the same thing. Heck I have to do with Tobin. That little stinker. Keep running!!!