Saturday, May 5, 2012 very, very busy!!

Oh my! I haven't blogged in a VERY long time!!

Ever since My Love deployed I have been staying very busy!

I guess I should update!

My nephew is no longer living with us. I was just not a great me with both kids...having insta-twins was hard!! He is happy, healthy, and VERY loved where he is.

My daughter is doing so good in school! She is reading a TON of sight words and sounding everything out. She is writing letters to Daddy and loves to draw and color. She likes to draw/design dresses and clothing. She wants long hair but doesn't brush it very well and hardly ever lets me pull it up or fix it (this drives me crazy!). She is a girly girl who will climb in a mud-puddle, salt slugs, or ride the scary rides at the carnival!

I built and planted a garden (using the square foot garden method), I am building a flower bed in the front yard, I went down to Florida with a friend, still in school full-time, getting back to work, hanging out with a bunch of good friends, and trying to go to different events around town.

I do want to write more another time...tonight...I'm going to bed!

Ok, after BOMB!!  

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