Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Hampton showed us the goods!!!!!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound anatomy scan today. Of course the ultrasound techs won't tell you much as they do their work, but as I asked questions, she was able to show me or confirm what I asked.

 Profile shot
 Baby was all curled up in there. Tech even said we may have to come back for more measurements later.

So, from what I can tell from the very basic knowledge I have of ultrasounds, everything looks great!

Thumbs up!! 

The tech didn't get quiet at any point or turn the screen away or anything, so I don't feel like there is anything scary.

Big feet, just like sister!

When they finally brought My Love in the room (hospital policy is that ONLY the patient can be present during the actual exam), she went over all of the basic parts again, listened to the heart, and pushed and prodded until we found the goods!

We have a boy!!!!! 

I just knew it! I've known it for a while in my heart, so it was a great confirmation to see the evidence.

We did a gender reveal to our daughter first, then announced to family through phone calls and texts, then we posted photos that my friend (and amazing photographer) took to the rest of the world!

So exciting!! We have our girl and now we'll have our boy!