Friday, February 24, 2012

Attention problems?

Have you ever dealt with a child with attention problems? Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

One of my best friends is struggling with her son being diagnosed with this (Along For the Ride) and I know of many others. My brother-in-law, my father-in-law, my nephews...

It is hard to think that a child just simply can't control themselves, but that is what it is like for them...for some kids, it's like they have ants in their pants...or brains...and just can't stop doing whatever it is that they are doing (talking, squirming, bouncing) and others pull away from crowds or can't concentrate on anything that is not "stimulating" (television, video games). Some kids, even if it is stimulating, can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes either. It's easy to say that they just were never made to, or that they don't want to, but it's literally because they CAN'T. They don't know how. With the right kinds of counseling and possibly medication though, it can be controlled and the child can learn to control themselves.

Did you know that ADD and ADHD are three times more likely to be diagnosed in boys than in girls?!?

Did you know that the symptoms are different between boys and girls?  Girls tend to be more forgetful and disorganized rather than hyper or too busy, but ADD and ADHD come in all kinds of forms.

Being a parent, you never expect that YOUR child could be suffering from something like this, but it is definitely possible...Pay attention, see if your child needs don't want them to be the kid at school that never pays attention, gets bad grades, or is always in them.

If you have dealt with this and have any words of encouragement for my friend, please leave her some loving words on her blog. Thank you!


  1. Anyone dealing with ADD (adult or child) should cut out artificial food dyes (specifically petroleum based ones, red 40, yellow 5), and should consider cutting gluten and dairy as well. There are other options that won't make the body react. When those things poison your body ADD is a symptom. Many on ADD medications can stop meds by simply eliminating the dyes. Food issues aren't always diagnosed by doctor's tests. Everyone is different. I hope your friend finds the help she needs. (and anyone in the Hampton family should take a hard look at gluten!) :)

  2. Agreed Jen. Everything my friend that has a child with autism says the same thing. Cut out artificial dyes and gluten and dairy. It is amazing when I feed my kids highly processed food and food with dyes at how different their behavior is. It is like they are possessed (and neither have any sort of disability either) and out of control! But when they eat whole/healthy foods, we don't have that problem! I am totally against buying any food with dyes anymore!

  3. I myself have it and with a wonderful mother as an advocate and wonderful teachers I have gotten an undergraduate degree and a masters! Growing up I was able to be taken out of the classroom to take tests if I needed to and in college I was able to have a note taker. To this day I would say my handwritting is not read able for most and someone would not understand how I organize but many people do not know this about me.

  4. Study after study has shown no significant difference in changing the diet of a child that is truly ADD or ADHD. It may change hyperactivity, but not the root problem.