Saturday, February 4, 2012

I've been robbed.

I feel like I've been robbed. I'm so....lost...frustrated...sad....and I know no one wants to hear it. My Love says he's done. Says he doesn't want any more kids. period. I feel like I've been robbed...

by the way...this is not his fault...I don't even blame him. Blame lies elsewhere.


  1. I am so so sorry. Big hugs to you. Maybe let things calm down and talk to him about it again after his deplotment? I know that is forever away, but maybe it'll help?

  2. ericka, i am so incredibly sorry. my heart hurts for you after reading this and your last post.
    if you ever want to talk...i'm here for you.
    you will be in my thoughts and prayers <3
    tons of love!
    maria <3