Monday, January 6, 2014

Where are the white coats?

This is going to sound really weird to a lot of you, but I feel like such a fake, a phony, a fraud. I feel like a fraud because I have spent so many infertility appointments in the same waiting room, surrounded by pregnant people, hating them. Absolutely, hating them, wishing they didn't exist...or at least not at that moment...because I couldn't have what they had. Now, sitting there, I feel like I don't belong. At my doctor's appointments I keep waiting for them to come and take me away in a white coat for thinking I could be pregnant.

But, on another note, I had my 28 week OB appt today. Everything is looking great still. Baby is moving good and fluid levels are within normal range, though baby is measuring a little bit big. 10-11 weeks left until I get to meet my new little man!!


  1. It's crazy to think back on how different the emotions you experienced were during infertility struggles isn't it? Even though infertility is something that will never leave me and will always be a part of our lives I often feel like I'm such a different person from after we lost Lily and when we were struggling to conceive again. I was so sad and bitter and couldn't even talk to a pregnant person or see a baby, it's like I'm a completely different person now!

    Love that you're already to 28wks and little man is doing so well, fantastic news!!!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! It really is amazing the knowledge you gain and the emotions you run through when dealing with infertility...