Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook statuses I wish I had enough &^$# (general lack of knowledge) or to say!

Really? Do you have ANYTHING positive to say?

Is your life really that bad??

How come you "like" all of this stupid crap? Does it benefit you somehow to "like" 'when dogs pee on trees'?

If you keep saying all of the negative things in your life, I will probably hide you...or I already have...and if I NEVER comment on anything you've been hidden.

I hate all of you fertile bitches, but then again, if you're pregnant, I can drink a beer right now and you can't!! So HA!!

I think it's funny that we all get on Facebook to talk about the weather.

Is Facebook really the place for politics? I try really hard to stay out of political issues on Facebook because I know some of my friends disagree with my viewpoint and I don't want to hear theirs!

It's DIPSHIT week...if you know someone, or if you yourself are a dipshit, please repost this in your status...cause I think your son, daughter, husband, wife, mom, dad, gramma, friend, dog, cat, lizard, whatever ones are STUPID AS SHIT.

Facebook is not going to charge you for use. SHUT UP!

If you have to spread the word around about a virus via status update, you deserve to get the virus.

Yes, Facebook is constantly changing what information they can share, because they are a business...they want to make money...(and if they don't...they might really start charging LOL) duh.

Ok, that's enough. I know I am not the most positive person all the damn time, but I try to remain positive on Facebook. So...there's my rant for the moment. :p

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  1. *rotfl* can I "like" this?

    I'm not fertile anymore, do you love me better now? :-)