Friday, June 25, 2010

The beach is still beautiful, but I'm ready to go home

Victoria and I finally went to the beach yesterday and thankfully it was still beautiful! No oil and no tar balls anywhere. I know it will not stay this way, but I am glad I got to see it pristine before it becomes totally polluted.

We bounced around in the waves, watched birds fish, saw some sting rays, watched some crabs, searched for shells, and had a great time!

I love the beaches here and the way of life, but I miss my husband and my home. I am ready to go.

I am sure my daughter would like to see her room and her toys and her daddy and I KNOW Bailey wants her backyard!

Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe we've been married that long because we have so much fun. We have a fantastic married life and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you My Love for being a fantastic husband and father. I love you!

Well, off to run some last minute errands in Panama City! Later gators!

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