Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October ICLW

Well hello there fellow bloggers! 
This is my 4th ICLW and I look forward to reading other's stories, finding some new blogs, and hopefully gaining a few more followers on mine.

I am 31 years old and My Love is 33 years old. We have been married over 10 years.

My Love is in the military and is always in and out of training...only adding to the stress of TTC, but it is a good life and I am proud of him.

My daughter: At about 25-26 years old we decided to TTC cycles were happening for me though, a year later, went to the Dr....tests and tests and tests later, low and behold I have PCOS. Got on Metformin and Provera...2 cycles later, BFP! 9 months later and some pretty scary complications in the end...a beautiful baby girl! Her birth story.

Anyhow...3 years ago, in August, we started TTC#2...I was already on Metformin and taking Provera to get things going...
Not happening.
Seek RE.
Clomid resistant...start injectibles...
1.5 years of fertility injections,
5 IUI's,
all BFN's...
Only positive pregnancy test I've ever seen resulted in that beautiful baby above.

Just because I have one, doesn't lessen the want or hurt for another, though I wish I could say it does. Secondary infertility is horrible and traumatizing and hard. I do have my daughter, yes, but I want so badly to give her a sibling, to give My Love another child, to hold another baby of mine in my arms (and hopefully not miss out on the birth!). I ache for this and because I have a young daughter, we go to school, birthday parties, and playdates with mom's who have had their 2nd and 3rd children in the time we have been trying for one more. I put a smile on my face and cry on the inside.

typical PCOS ovary w/1 large follicle
CURRENTLY: I am doing NOTHING. I had to go on birth control pills because I had a HUGE cyst in my left ovary. It is gone, I had my cycle in the middle of the pills, I'm on CD 19 and not sure I will ovulate at all this cycle. I can say that nothing is happening for us this month. :(

I love my miracle daughter and stay-at-home with her right now. She just started going to pre-school for 2 half days a week and she loves it.

I go to school online full-time and I help organize a large playgroup in our area. I love taking photos and I like to talk (a lot) which is part of the reason I started a I could stop talking my fertile friends ears off...they don't want to hear this stuff and I know & understand that.


  1. Here from ICLW. Hi! I also have PCOS and am having a very diffcult time taking home a second child. I had my first via IUI and femara (first round) and then more recently in trying for #2, I miscarried another little girl at 9wk4dys and then had a chemical pregnancy last month. They switched me to Clomid from Femara and I am resistant. So annoying.... But, so nice to meet you and hear your story. Can't wait to follow you! xo

  2. Hello! I love the ICLW...I am also a mom to one wonderful miracle but I have a DS :)

    We started TTC again about six months ago but of course nothing. I really don't have high hopes since we need and egg donor to conceive our first. Looking forward to reading more.

    ICLW #21

  3. You are right, secondary infertility is still very painful! It's hard to want when you have such a beautiful blessing, but I understand the feeling all too well.

    ICLW #99

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the cyst and that you aren't able to do anything right now. It can be so hard to feel stuck because of situations you can't control. I'm thinking about you and hoping things start to turn around for you soon!

    ICLW #39

  5. I really hope your dream comes true and you do get a sibling for your miracle baby. Sending love!