Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyone has to eat...

I have been searching for quite a while for a consultant with Tastefully Simple to get some Garlic-Garlic dip...I had this dip about 7 years ago and still remember it very fondly.

That being said, I asked all of my friends if they knew someone who was a consultant, always with the same response...none.

So, I decided...what the heck...if none of my friends know someone...I should become that someone. So, I signed up to become a consultant for Tastefully Simple. I LOVE their products and it's been great to try them out again. My Love and I are really enjoying the Beer Bread  and the dips, and the apple cake and so much more!

The food is great and a great price too! I am excited to help add some income to my family and get to eat some great products in the meantime! Yay!

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