Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What have you been up to?

I haven't written for a while...
Been doing some thinking, a lot of praying, and have been busy with some other stuff.

Really, really enjoying reading my new series of books, the Outlander series...just got the second one today and am SUPER excited!!

Basically, it's about an English woman (nurse) who lives post WW2 with her husband and they go to Scotland to research his family history. While there, she finds a mini-stone henge and gets sent back 200 years in time to medieval Scotland. Then the story becomes a whirlwind of war, deceit, family, living pre modern medicine, rape, love, outlaws, and more! It's a fantastic story and I love the characters, Claire and Jamie!

I was drawn even farther in on the fact that Claire seems to be barren (or infertile) with her first husband after trying for years and, with no luck, tries to deal with it emotionally. The very last page of the first book, while she is with Jamie, she tells him she is pregnant though! 

Anyhow, can't wait to start the next book!

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Tonight I will be making my fantastic, famous pumpkin pies and my mouth is already watering! Ooooohhhh yummmmm!!! Pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust... (I stole the photo, but this is not the recipe I use). I'm glad because I will be sharing it with a friend of mine that I haven't been able to hang out with in a while. She and I are having a girl's night at her house...dinner and drinks. :) Yay!

Let's see...been working on homework. Been trying to find ways to make some extra money because money is ridiculously tight right now.

Nothing really new on the fertility front...the cyst is gone, still on the birth control pills...my body hates me. I could bitch and moan about this person or that person who I watched them announce their pregnancy at week 4 are ready to deliver...about my friends who's kids are already 1 or 2 in the time that we have been TRYING to have a second...but, it does no good. I'm glad that they have had healthy babies and healthy pregnancies, I really am happy for them. I know how blessed I am to have my miracle. I pray for those that have yet to experience the miracle of motherhood whom want it so badly and I pray for those babies who live with parents who don't want them. I don't have a "next step" yet...I am just trying to enjoy the beautiful daughter I have.

Loved this little guys face!


  1. This blogger deserves a hug...great post Ericka!

  2. I LOVE the outlander series!!! OMG... you are in for such a treat, book #2 is the best. I read it years ago and finished while commuting by train to work. I pretty much sat there sobbing while everyone gave me crazy looks.

    Can you post your pumpkin pie recipe? I always use the same (back of Libby's pumpkin can) recipe and would like to try something new this year!!

    I'm sorry you ended up with a cyst, but glad that it's gone and not lingering for ages. Your attitude is really inspirational :)

  3. I honestly think I ovulated the cyst...I think that is why it is gone now. Who knows...

  4. Excited about those books! I'm adding them to my library list.