Friday, November 25, 2011

Starting Sunday...

Starting Sunday I will be injecting myself with all sorts of meds...yup, AF finally showed up. I think it was like a 60 day cycle...argh!

Anyhow, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure ate some amazing food. Life is about to get crazy hectic for me and I'm not sure which way to turn next, but I'm going to just try to go with the flow...

Monday I start a new job. I will be selling advertising in a local relocation magazine and am very excited about that! Monday the grandparents and nephew head out also and My Love goes back to work, so V will be with a babysitter all day.

Tuesday, V and I need to go get our Flu shots and then she has school and I have TONS of homework to do...just started a new class this week.

I am sure that on Wednesday my new boss will want to run some appointments with me, so I will probably be working again and the same thing Thursday.

Friday I will be taking V to school again and doing more homework.

All during this time I will shoving needles in my tummy and praying that my ovaries do their jobs and make some eggs (NO cysts!!).

Christmas is coming and I have to go shopping and it's just going to be crazy for me...tons of craziness...

Here are some pics from the week:

Anyhow, please pray for guidance for me in the coming months for many things and please pray for My Friend & family. I pray that their struggles untangle themselves and that the resolution to their problems comes peacefully. (that's about all I can say). I love you My Friend.


  1. Good luck at your new job and good luck with the new combo of meds. I'm on CD 48 right now with no end in sight, so I'll be starting a pack of BCP soon. I wish the Provera worked for me. I hope this is your cycle!!

  2. Here's hoping that the meds do the trick this time around! Fingers crossed for you. Cute pics, too!

  3. beautiful photos, erica. i love your daughter's bright and colorful striped dress!
    i'm sending many prayers and well wishes for a cyst free cycle, lots of healthy eggs and many blessings for your and your family.
    wishing you much luck and love this week!!
    and always <3