Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 wheeling vacation and 7 days

We had a fantastic weekend up in the mountains of West Virginia riding on the trails of the Hatfield-McCoy system. We got up to the Ashland Resort in the late afternoon on Saturday because the traffic on the interstates was crazy!! After setting up our new tent and getting a few things situated we set off on our 4 wheelers on some trails. After a couple of hours of some very cool trails through the mountains we decided to head back and make dinner. That night we had Kielbasa and some hobo hash (potatoes, onions, garlic in aluminum foil on the fire) and of course we had to have some awesome S'mores for dessert.
The next day we rode out after breakfast and drove about 60 miles. On our way back in the late afternoon, we were headed down a steep hill that had a switch back (reverse direction) at the bottom of it. Somehow I managed to get thrown off the front of my four wheeler, flip over, the 4 wheeler flipped over and landed, wheels down, on top of me. I instinctively reached up to stop the bike from hitting my face and when I did, my left hand pushed on my muffler (VERY hot) and the right on the toolbox. I have several burns on my left hand and have several lumps and bruises, mostly on my left leg. My elbows and hands have some scrapes (road rash) on them. I was very lucky it wasn't worse, because it really could have been.
That night my wonderful husband babied me. He prepped dinner, cooked it, cleaned dishes, he did it all. He's awesome! 
So, we are home now and had a fun evening for the 4th of July.
Today I feel bruised probably because I am pretty bruised. Got some really nice ones going up my left leg. Ouch.
On kind of a side note, the burns were/are the worst for me and having never been burned this bad really made me reflect on what my father had to have gone through when he was burnt years ago. My father was very severely burned all over his body from tar in the mid-80's. All I could think of was if my hand hurts this bad, how awful it must have been for my dad. Unbearable (though when I spoke to my mom about it, she said all of his nerves were burned also, so he really didn't feel much).

Ok ~ next story...
I am currently at 7 days past IUI, 7 days past ovulation, 7 days until testing, 7 days until my beautiful daughter's 4th birthday.

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  1. lucky 7s. lucky 7s. :D Still hoping for fabulous news/results.