Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feel the heat between your legs...

Oh, what a fun could mean so much...*snicker, snicker*

I kind of wish I would have brought my computer out camping with us so I would have been able to type up all of the thoughts in my head during that time, but at the same time, it was WONDERFUL to be so disconnected from the world for just a little bit.

We had a great drive up to the mountains, stopping for home-made peach ice cream and fresh picked peaches. (We really do enjoy our roadtrips...crazy, I know!!) We started seeing the mountains and traveling through them seeing all sorts of wonderful sights and the temperatures dropped significantly compared to our starting point. Once we got there, we set-up camp and started a campfire and made dinner over the fire.

The next morning we got up, made breakfast, and went riding the four-wheelers. It was fairly chilly out that day and the hills were steep, the rocks big, and the puddles sparse. Each time I felt a chill, I also felt the heat of the motor between my legs. Each time I hit a puddle or mudhole, the steam hit my legs and the warmth was incredible. It is so freeing to be riding the four-wheeler where most people wouldn't go on foot, and where few people before us have gone.

Over the few days we were there, we picked wild blackberries along the trail, caught lightning bugs, took photos, rode four-wheelers, explored the local area, cooked food on the campfire, made S'mores, slept in the tent, and just had a grand time!! I think we had more fun camping than we did four-wheeling (it was REALLY rough and rocky). The weather was AMAZING!! The evenings were cool enough that the fire was almost a necessity and the days were perfect for shorts and a t-shirt without being hot. Soooo much better than the 100+ degrees we are feeling here! Ugh!!

We brought our phones, but rarely used them. We didn't bring anything else except the cameras as far electronic things. We definitely will be camping again. Our first trip with our 4 year old was successful! Woot!!

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