Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Daughter's Birth Story

When My Love and I found out we were pregnant, we decided to keep a journal about our new adventure in life, our baby. We started it and both wrote (and continue to write) in it about everything from names, wishes and fears for our child, talking about when we found out her sex, our birth plan, and everything else. Her due date was July 17th. She was born July 12th.

Here is our story of her birth from excerpts right out of the journal (if any current thoughts are there, they will be this shade of blue, rather than black). I will post the excerpts on the days that they were written 4 years ago (except the 1st one because I missed it...it's here now).

I never once thought about how anything could go wrong…

July 1, 2007
We’ve had some 4D ultrasounds in the last 2 weeks…the doctor is a little worried about her amniotic fluid levels so I have to go in tomorrow for another ultrasound.  Looking back, I did not realize how serious this really was at the time…I was just getting excited about having her in our arms, not realizing that she may not make it there…I was told to drink a lot of water over the weekend and come back.

July 5, 2007
I have to go in tomorrow for another ultrasound to check the fluid levels again. At this point, I knew it was a bit more serious, but thought I could still let nature take its course to start labor and labor at home a while, then go into the hospital at some point to push the baby out. This time, I was admitted to the hospital for rapid infusion IV’s and the fluid levels came up slightly. They were happy with that and asked me to come back again to check in a few days…over the next few days I went in every other day I think to get re-checked. 

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