Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birth story, July 10

To continue on with my daughter's birth story: 
July 10, 2007
Well, I had a doctor’s apt today and they were concerned with the amount of (or lack of) fluids that were in the amniotic sac. Dr. B decided to induce me. I came to the hospital around 7pm and finally got a room around 9pm. They gave me Cervadil to soften my cervix and get it ready for labor. 
What I didn’t write in here was that I was PISSED OFF! I did NOT want to be induced…at ALLLLLLL.  I almost walked out, but My Love convinced me to call my midwife (who worked with Dr. B) and ask her if I really had to be there. She said she had looked at my chart and yes, I did need to be there for the baby. I trusted her and took her word for it…I think I just wanted a second opinion. I ate a huge dinner at Outback with my mom and My Love before going in and was able to receive clear fluids for the next few days along with an IV to keep fluids around the baby as much as possible, though I had to fight for those because they wanted me to have nothing but ice chips. My body was not ready at all! Not dilated at all, no softening…nothing.

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