Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wish I had something profound to say...

When I think about things throughout my day, I wish I would write them down...and then I sit down at my computer and completely forget all those fantastical thoughts I had...oh well...

I have a few things I wanted to talk about...

First, V starts school in a month...it's only 2 afternoons a week to start, but still...it's a milestone that I didn't think would happen quite like this. I figured I'd be home with another baby, so it would still be reasonable that I should stay home and be here when V got home from school. Well, since that obviously isn't happening I need to think about getting a job...but if I do that, I need to find full-time school/childcare for her...some people think this sounds like an easy decision to make...it is not for me. I haven't worked since 2 weeks before giving birth to her and my last job I had a lot of freedom with...I'm also trying to figure out what kinds of jobs I want to look for...Oy...

Second, I am fed up with political scare tactics from our government...both sides! I am so tired of hearing politicians only say things to get re-elected! I just wish there would be an easier way to get involved with something in government that could actually make some very needed changes.

I miss having friends that I just go over and chill out on their couch (or vice versa) and the kids play during the day. Don't get me wrong, I have met some WONDERFUL people here and made some great friends, but none like my BFF! I miss her and her kids terribly. I don't mean to say I don't love the friends I have made, but it seems like all of them have more important things to do (work, dealing with more than 1 kid, and some seem so stressed all the time).

Fertility wise - nothing really new. I have no idea if there are any follicles or if there are, how many, what size, etc. so for me I'm flying blind this cycle. This is a first for me in a LONG time...almost 2 years. I had a few cycles while we lived in Georgia that were unmedicated and unmonitored, but that is all. This one is medicated but unmonitored. I do not know when/if I will ovulate, but I am temping so hopefully I'll know if I do.

V has started asking me more for a brother. Saying stuff like "I'll be more happy if you give me a brother, will you be happy?" Of course my response was "I'm happy with just you, but if we have another baby one day, that will be ok too." 
Oh, and she said we have to name a girl "Leena" or "Donna" and for a boy she just shrugs her shoulders, then said "Maximus". My daughter is awesome. :)


  1. I can completely relate! I often think about things (okay, I'm ALWAYS thinking about things)...but I wish I would text myself my thoughts at the time I didn't have my computer around me so I could come back to them!
    That's so sweet what your daughter said! Love the names!
    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. Maximus!! hahahaha... that totally cracked me up. I definitely needed that :)

  3. I was really surprised by a few of the things you said because it was like watching my own life (or listening to myself) - it was creepy weird :)

    I, too, miss having friends to hang out with and just wander over to see. I keep hoping that we will find that place again in our lives, but right now we're not there.

    My daughter also starts school twice a week this year and it's totally wigging me out. She's getting so big and and so old and so...well, not my baby anymore. It's a hard transition.

    And it's really tough when they start asking for a sibling. You want to do everything to give them that...but sometimes it's harder than it feels like it should be.

    Anyway...sometimes it's nice to know that we're not the only ones who feel certain ways. Makes me feel less alone :)