Thursday, September 29, 2011

Custom made castle bed for your prince or princess

What a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift!!
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Custom made castle bed for your Prince or Princess!!

This unique bed is a fantastic themed bed that your child will absolutely love! These beds are made to accommodate a twin size mattress (not included) or even a bunk bed (add additional $250 for bunk).


This unique loft bed is strong and durable. This bed can support well over 1000lbs and is great for adding much needed storage space to a child's room. Each step up is a storage box.

Photos are shown with an 8' ceiling. This height of bed would be perfect for a 10' ceiling, but if you have 8', we can lower the bed down slightly to give additional room.

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The beds can be built and painted in any two colors you choose. Additional custom painting is optional (vines, brickwork, etc).

This bed can grow with your prince or princess and eventually have a desk and work area underneath for homework.

The kids LOVE this bed! 

This bed is a steal at this price!

This is the bed we made for our daughter. Prices start at $1500.

All beds are made off-site and assembled for you in your child's room.
NC and surrounding states only please. (Delivery fee may be applicable)

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  1. ooh awesome! Love that you are going to sell these. I know the treatments you've been doing are expensive!

  2. Hey. I hope you dont mind me sharing this on my blog! Someone might see it and want to buy one :).

  3. Castle Beds improve kids creativity. Thanks for the pics!

  4. What is your website or how do we get a hold of u to buy??? U do not post a lot of information here.

  5. Sorry about that. email my handyman or call his cell. He can get you all the info on the beds. or 850-866-0637