Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation & Beezus

V and I went on a mini vacation down to visit family down in Florida and we had a fantastic time! We swam and went on the boat and out to dinner and climbed a lighthouse and saw lots of her cousins and Aunts and Uncles and even Grandma and Grandpa! It was a great time! I have about 1400 photos to go through to pick some fantastical ones out to share and will do that later. It was so wonderful seeing how much my nieces and nephews have been growing up to become young ladies and little gentlemen! I even ventured to bring back 3 of my nieces to join us for a little over a week. They are 12, 11, and 9 years old and they are such good girls. Fruitaholics would be a great description of them also! Man, I am going to have to do some serious fruit shopping for these girls.

We got back yesterday, so there are now 4 little girls running around my house. Today I even babysat 2 extra little girls and we all went and saw Ramona & Beezus at the theater. That was an adorable movie and is it sad to say that I cried through parts of it?? I cried, not because of sad moments, but because I am so afraid that V will not have the sibling relationships that those two girls have, or that my nieces have, or the girls I’m watching, or even that I had with my siblings…I wish I didn’t have these worries or thoughts, but I do and I hate it.

On a lighter note, right now I have 6 little girls here, 4 of whom are dressing up like princesses and ballerinas (the other two are on the computer)! They are all playing so well together and making up story lines and just having a grand-ol’ time!

Ok, I should get back to my guests. I will post photos soon! Well, as soon as I get a few minutes to go through them!!

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