Saturday, September 10, 2011

School started

V started school this week. Her first day went really well and she really enjoyed it. She was so proud of herself and how she is now old enough to go to school. Her second day...well, it didn't go so well. She came out of her room, ran to me, and started BAWLING....

Of course I asked what was wrong and she said she got in trouble in school for not listening to her teacher. She was really upset about the whole thing and the teacher came out to tell me what had happened...apparently I have the bully in the classroom...She hit two kids and poked a child in the eyes...well, I am praying this doesn't happen again, but we now have strict consequences if hurting friends happens again (taking BARBIES away!!---this will be devastating to her). She was really upset about getting in trouble anyhow, so I hope that it sinks in...

Anyhow, here are a few pics from her first day in school:

Fertility News: AF is here. I'm on my break.

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  1. she's so cute! Bummer on getting into trouble for being a bully. Hopefully that one time of getting into trouble about it will sink in as you said and she won't do it again.