Monday, March 7, 2011

The Hampton's had a little lamb...his fleece as black as coal...

Well, we got a lamb. He was born March 2nd and he is black...a black sheep. He is cute and cuddly and playful. This will be a learning experience for all of us, but I think it will be pretty darn cool. His name is Lambchop. He is bottle fed (8oz about every 4 hours right now) and eventually will eat hay, grass, and grains. He definitely lets me know when he is hungry. Here is a video to show...He will grow fairly quickly and when he gets too big, he will no longer live with us, but in the meantime, we are enjoying him. He is exploring everything inside and out, he stays at our feet all day long, and I think he's teething. He is trying to chew on our fingers and some of our furniture, so we have to watch him constantly. I don't think lambs can be house-trained so as soon as it's warm enough, he will mainly live outside. That being said, we are a bit jumpy that every time he gets up to walk around, he is going to pee, so we take him outside and spend lots of time outside with him right now. This is good, it keeps us from being couch potatoes and helps us to find things to do outside together.

We were really worried about how Bailey would react, but it was actually kind of anti-climatic. She was really excited to meet him at first and since then, she couldn't even care that he is there. Every once in a while (like you'll see in the video) she tries to play with him.

Victoria is loving "her" lamb and she bottle feeds him most of the time. It's been a great source of bribery to get her to eat all of her dinner (she can't feed him until she has eaten...if she doesn't eat, we feed him instead). It has been a fight to get her to not pick him up constantly though.

On the rest of life's is going fine. I am taking an economics class. My husband is busy with schools and training. Victoria is registered for preschool, starting in July. We are getting settled into the house but still have a few things to go through (mostly boxes of photos).

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