Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quarantine this house!

So sick of being sick...wait...that's complaining...ok...hmmm...ok. A good thing about being sick is watching the scale go down, down, down! Haven't really eaten in like 3 days...maybe 4 now...Even if this weight goes back up to the pre-sick weight...I know how it feels to be there and I think it will make me work harder on getting back there.
This is the first time in my life I've ever weighed myself this much. I honestly, for YEARS, chose not to weigh myself, saying that "if I felt good the weight didn't matter"...well...I was lying to myself and I can now say, it matters. At this moment, I am down at least 40lbs from where I was last year at this same time. NIIICE (think Steve Carell).
Being sick doesn't give me a break from being mommy to all of my farm, er, house and it's been busy...especially because we've ALL been sick (except Bailey...she's been good *knock on wood*).
This is all I'll say about this also...a HUGE congratulations and lots of blessings for my friends that have had babies this week and month. :) Can't wait to meet them all.

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