Saturday, March 12, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard...What's in your cupboard?

I know every home has it's basic supply of food that is always a winner for lunch and dinner (haha, that rhymed!) and I am going to share some of our basics here. What are some things in your house that are always on your grocery list? These are items that if there is a good deal on one of them, I STOCK up! Now, this isn't saying we live off of these things. We actually eat a huge variety of foods in this house including almost all meats and fruits and the few vegetables that I can force down my husband and daughter's throats. Of course the basis of most of our meals is a good, healthy carb (pasta, potatoes, bread, or rice). I know that this seems weird to most dieters, but this is what has been working for me. :)

1. Peanut butter --- For Victoria, that would be peanut butter & jelly and for my husband, that would be spoooooonfulls of the stuff. Bailey loves it too., I like it, but don't eat it much. (oh, and we can't have peanut butter jelly sandwiches without singing the song...

2. Milk. For my husband and I...just plain ol' white milk...sometimes a little chocolate...but for Victoria...strawberry or "pink" milk all the way. We have to fight her to drink white milk, but if it's pink, it's gone!

3. Pot Pies. Specifically, Marie Callender's Turkey pot pies. We love them. If I forget to get something out or just don't feel like cookin''s pot pies! Yummmm!

4. Lasagna - Yup...frozen lasagna. I'm sure I could make a mean lasagna, but why should I when Stouffer's does such a great job?

5. Yogurt - Daddy takes yogurt everyday to work and the first thing Victoria wants every day is yogurt (or Go-gurt if we have it), I always love the IDEA of yogurt, but have to force myself to gag it down.

6. Eggs - Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelets, egg sandwiches, corned beef hash and eggs, bacon and eggs....we love eggs, from our head down to our legs!

7. Cookies - If we don't have store bought cookies, we make 'em. Daddy and Victoria have special cookie time with Oreo's and milk, but we all love some fresh baked cookies. I try to make them in small doses so that I don't eat too much at once.

8. Cheese!! I think most people like cheese, it's just sooooo cheesy! We are ok with just cheapo sandwich slices and mozzarella sticks, but really prefer the good strong cheeses like Feta, Goat cheese, farmer's cheddar, Irish cheddar, gouda, swiss. There is always cheese in this house.

9. Ok, so this isn't a food, but there is almost ALWAYS wine in the house. I like a good Shiraz or Merlot, my husband likes a Cabernet and Moscato, and Victoria thinks it's all disgusting.

10. Beer! - We like to keep a variety of beer in our outside fridge, lovingly referred to as our beer fridge. When I say variety, I mean variety from lights to darks, fruity, bitter, local, international, and several microbrews. We have our favorites and our stand-bys, but love to try new beer!

Well, this is some of the stuff that is staples in our cupboards, what's in yours?

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  1. 1,2,6,7,8,9, and 10 all are staples in my household! (and we have chickens so we never ever run out of #6)