Thursday, March 31, 2011

My mom lied to me...

What kinds of lies did you mom tell you growing up? Lies about sex, boys, pregnancy, whatever?

My mom...she told me that if I kissed a boy, I'd get the first time a boy kissed me...I flipped out! I was crying and so scared to tell my mom that I was going to have his baby.

I finally tell her and I'm sure she was DYING laughing inside (I think I was 6). So, she says, no, it's when you French kiss a boy...

Well, at like 12-13 years old...guess what? I got pregnant...or so I thought! Again, scared shitless to tell my mom, but when I did, she explained very calmly that kissing leads to other things and when a boy touched my boobies, I'd get pregnant.

---You would think at this age that I would know for SURE that I wasn't going to get pregnant, but I was innocent and believed my mom. She would never lie to me. Right? Anyhow, by the time I let a guy go that far (I was a good girl!) I knew better and knew how a man and woman made babies...I didn't know that a man, woman, and many, many tests, nurses, and doctors made babies though. That, I learned much later in life.

I wonder what I will say to my daughter when the time comes...

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  1. heh, unfortunately you can't really tell her that pregnancy isn't always as easy as they like to lead you to believe when you are younger. You'll think of something good I'm sure :)