Monday, March 28, 2011

So, what is your expiration date?

Someone I love very much asked me today "What is your expiration date?" 
I was confused, said "what do you mean?"
She said..."well, how long are you going to keep trying before you decide you're truly done? Will it be when Victoria is 6, 10? Do you have an age you want to be done by if you don't get pregnant soon?"

Now, stop right there. I know some of you reading are going to get all offended and upset about this, but I was not offended. She really was curious and she really did  mean well.

Ok, made me think...what is my expiration date? Do I have one? The answer to the second question is definitely yes. The answer to the first question...I have no clue. How long do I want to do this? I know that I am relatively young (30) but I also know that at age 35 fertility decreases dramatically even more. I hate the emotional roller coaster that this entails, but I want to believe it will all turn out to be worth it. So, I DO know when I want to be I wanted to be done by now. I wanted to be done having children by age 30. Well, obviously that has, now, now would work for me...I want to be holding my newborn baby in 9, 10, 11, 12 months...that would be awesome!

Ok, on a TOTALLY different are some random thoughts.

Someone needs to tell Lambchop (our 3 week old lamb) that my fingers are NOT udders! Milk has never come out of them, and it never will. Eat your damn hay/oats/creep!

Victoria complained she was having "bad dreams" (mind you, this was BEFORE she even went to sleep...can we say avoiding bedtime?) so taking a line from a movie I saw once, I told her to repeat 3 times "I will not dream of fluffy bunnies" ... as I walked out of her room, she was saying this over and over! SO CUTE and I love her sooo much!

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  1. ugh I hate questions like those. It's something you just don't want to think about. You don't want to be done trying, you want to be done having babies. There's a difference and thinking about being done trying is a devistating realization that that could come before you are done having babies :( ((hugs)). I'm not quite sure when my expiration date would be either. Chris and I have said when Alex is 5 years old. I have a feeling that's gonna come faster than I want it to.

    LOL @ Lambchop! I think he loves his "mama" :)

    Cute on V!! Poor girl. I hope she had sweet dreams last night.