Thursday, August 11, 2011

2 more weeks - UPDATE

In just 2 weeks I will be turning 31. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but it has to be good because I'm still alive for it, right? It's just bad because that is one more year of a ticking clock gone unanswered. I am coming more and more to terms with the fact that my child may always be an only child. This is not what I wanted for her, at all, but it's not up to me. In the end, it is His decision to make and I will have no choice but to accept it.

So, here comes some TMI moments for some of my readers, I'm sure...
I am cycle day 29. Aunt Flow has not reared her ugly head yet, but my temperatures are dropping, so I fully expect she will be here soon. I am in a waiting game. Of course I have tested and of course it has been negative, or I would not be posting something this pathetic sounding. I LIED. SHE IS HERE NOW.

This being said, I don't even know for sure if the Femara did anything for me. I assume I ovulated because my temps did go up quite a bit. Next cycle Nurse D. wants me to do Femara and 2 vials of Menopur which sounds like a LOT, but who least I will be monitored again, which makes me feel least then I will know what the heck my body is doing!

Oh, and the EVIL right now. It's my fault, because I haven't been working out, or watching what I have been eating ANNNND it's that time of the month.

Ok, nuff said...will write something later.
Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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