Saturday, August 20, 2011

She really is the best!

I know a few mom's who have chosen to only have one child, some of them stating that their first child was so awful as a baby that they would not want to risk doing that again, some of them stating that one is enough, and some of them had medical issues beyond normal and chose to stick with one healthy child.

The point being...they chose their path.We did not.

My Love and I have always wanted a few children, and if we only have one, that will be alright. V is the BEST kid! 

She was a wonderful baby. She had her moments of fussiness, but for the most part was happy and
sweet. She had some evening of fussiness at home sometimes, but it only lasted a little while and was only in the evenings. She slept through the night from the very beginning. I never even knew when she was getting teeth in until I felt them (except for 1 day when her top two front teeth came in). She never was sick, no ear infections, nothing. She nursed well, she ate well, she weaned well. We did have to fight her a little bit to get her to drink milk, but she really doesn't seem to like it, no matter what we try.

She is smart! We taught her sign language so she was able to tell us what she wanted or needed without crying and whining. When she wanted to nurse, drink, eat, play, read, and more, she just "told" us (I wonder if I have any videos of her signing...I should look through my hard drive...). She started walking at 10 months, she was speaking in sentences by the time she was 2. She potty trained herself at 2.5 and I really mean, she did it herself. Within 1 week she had no accidents, day or night.

She knows all of her letters, both upper and lowercase. She is trying to read. She knows how to write her name. She knows all sorts of songs and she usually speaks with the correct grammar. I wish she would use her pleases and thank yous more often, but for the most part, she is polite. She entertains herself with her Barbies, puzzles, coloring, and books. She also plays fairly well with others, especially children who are older than herself. She loves playing outside.

She takes naps still and doesn't fight it every step of the way. She still sleeps through the night and when she wakes up, she wakes up happy. She doesn't go to bed late, she doesn't get up early. She doesn't get woken up easily. She is a little accident prone and hurts herself a bit too much, but probably not much more than most active kids. She loves clothes and loves wearing dresses.

She is funny! She comes up with some of the funniest things and I really need to start writing more of them down. Just the other day we were at a friends' house and their young daughter had gotten into something, V ran around the corner and said "She is eating the elephant food!!!" (it was a bag of rice with a picture of an elephant on it!!)...ok, maybe you had to be there for that one. Anyhow, she's a goof.

I cherish this little girl and I have so much fun with her. If she's the only child I ever have, that will be will be more than ok. I have been blessed beyond belief and I thank God every day for her.

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  1. As bad as it hurts you and disrupts YOUR plans, maybe it is God's plans for HER. Maybe there is a very very good reason he is making her an only child that only time will tell. Maybe there is a child out there who needs you guys to be great parents and adopt (may not be what you want, but God works in mysterious but deliberate ways). He creates experience and circumstance in order to fulfill his callings. Maybe step back from the selfish need to another child and take a look at what he may want for her future or for a future of another child? Possibility? I know you and I have had our downfalls MANY times but the one thing we both believe - God. This need for another child, maybe its not a need to be pregnant again, maybe it really is a need for another child? Maybe not even that, maybe this is a tool to create the future God wants for V? I pray for you guys to find your direction all of the time.