Sunday, April 3, 2011

I lie to my daughter...

I lie to my daughter...

I am so screwed when my daughter learns to read.

Everytime we drive by a McDonald's she wants to stop there (even if we JUST ate) and I tell her that the sign says they're closed or they're out of chicken nuggets or toys or whatever...

When putting her to bed, I tell her I'll be back in 10 minutes (almost every night)'s just to get her to go to sleep, I don't go back in until after she's asleep to check on her and get one last look at her before I go to sleep.

When she wants cartoons on the TV I tell her there are none or the TV is broken.
When she wants a specific one that I hate (Yo Gabba Gabba, Imagination Movers, etc), I tell her it's not on.

Of course there are the Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy lies also.

Yes, mommy lies to you baby. I'm sorry, but it's for my sanity and my purse.

I will not lie to you about so much in life though. I will not lie about how much I love you or Daddy loves you or the rest of your family loves you. I will not lie to you about how blessed we are to have you as one of our miracles from God. I will not lie to you about how much your Daddy and I love each other. I other. I will not lie to you about the important things in life. Ever.

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