Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No shame on me...

Well, I started writing a kind of whiny/dark post, but decided some humor was better. Having a 3.5 year old can be so much fun, and so trying sometimes. My daughter has said some of the funniest stuff lately...

We were in the car the other day and she had screamed, right then, my gas light dinged on...I told her that she broke my car by screaming too loud and said "Shame on you"...she sat there a few minutes and then said "Mommy, there's no shame on me. When I put shame on me it will be pretty."

Another time in the car, a friend and her children were riding with me and my little one was being pretty naughty, yelling, kicking, throwing toys. I told her she needed to be a good girl, to which she replied..."But it's too hard to be good!"

Oh, and she is planning her wedding. Every store we go to, she wants these flowers for her wedding, or this dress for her wedding, or these napkins for her wedding...it's pretty cute, especially when I ask her who she is planning on getting married to: "I am going to marry my Daddy."

When we tell her that she can't marry Daddy because I am married to Daddy, she gets so upset, with sobbing tears and all.


  1. My Daddy was the very first man I fell in love with. I remember thinking the same way about my Daddy. He was the smartest, funniest, gentlest, kindest, most handsome man in the whole wide world. That was through the eyes of a young girl just like Victoria. My heart is glad that she feels the same way about her Daddy. He is a pretty wonderful guy. Don't you think so, Mom?

  2. Haha...my sisters and I all went through that stage of wanting to marry our Dad. My brother was the worst, however, he came right out and told my Dad he was waiting for him to die so he could marry our mom. Only three year olds can get away with that :).

    Your daughter sounds adorable :).

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