Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pom Pom Head

Well let's see...not much going on really.

My Love is still away at training and we miss him. He will not be here for Easter, but the following weekend he should be here, so we'll probably do our family Easter dinner then and maybe even our egg hunt.

Lambchop was moved outside last night to his little lean-to barn/shelter. He didn't like it at first, but apparently calmed down fairly well. He is a noisy lil guy! He ate a lot of his food last night, so that is great! Now, if we can get him down to 1 bottle a day! One thing at a time though...

Victoria is busy in her room changing clothes. Yesterday she went through no less than 7 outfits. This age is so funny...the other day we drove by a guy with cornrows and beads in his hair and she said "Mommy, he has a pom-pom on his head!" ... Too cute!!

I have to say that the more time that passes without having another child, it makes me want another one less...especially when I see how independent Victoria is getting and as I see my friends with their 2 children. Doesn't matter what the age difference between kids is...I just see stressed out parents. People with new babies at home that don't sleep, feeding troubles, diapers, pregnancy woes, dividing their time between kids, diapers, having to pack multiple kids into a car, sibling rivalry, and more...Now, I know that this is just part of my emotional roller coaster that I go through every month and sometime soon, I'll see all the positives having a new baby would feeling the baby kick, holding a new born baby that you made in your arms, feeding and nurturing that baby, seeing my daughter as a big sister (I know she'll be a GREAT big sis!), seeing my Love with a new baby (he LOVES that baby stage and really, really loves sleeping with new babies on his chest), watching my baby and my daughter grow up a family...knowing that when I'm gone, they won't be alone...Now, if only this emotional roller coaster would be over with me holding a new, healthy baby...

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  1. I always wanted my children close in age....but as I watch my son grow, I'm starting to appreciate the fact that I can give him all of my attention right now and that, whenever a new baby comes, he will be very independent. It's a different viewpoint that I had never really considered.

    I just wish the child-spacing choice was mine to make, and not forced upon me.

    Still, silver linings and all, right?