Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5th times a charm?...

So, I went in this morning for my 5th IUI...again, with only 1 egg. So much about this cycle is different than what we have seen in previous cycles, so I am cautiously hopeful that our results will be different than my last ones also.

In other news, we got a tent and will be using it soon. :) I'm excited!

And here is a photo of my super, yummy strawberry/goat cheese salad with honey vinaigrette. :) Delish!

And...that's about all I got at the moment. :p


  1. Does your tent open like an actual door? Because I think we have the same tent :) So super roomy and nice!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that 5th time is definitely the charm. :)

  2. Really rooting for this IUI to be THE one. :) Great tent, too. Now enjoy yourself during this 2 WW. :)

  3. Rooting for you and your IUI~

    By the way, that salad looks amazeballs. I may have that for lunch tomorrow (strawberries and goat cheese are a summer STAPLE in my fridge)~