Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day, tea parties, flies, and a canning party

Well, without going into details, the military is keeping My Love away on Father's Day when he really COULD have been home...I made his favorite cookies because I was told he'd be able to come home...go figure! So irritated right now!!!

I feel like my dog in this someone is dangling a treat in front of me, only to take it away...(but we didn't take it away from her...she got it).

We do have a gift for daddy also. She wanted to wrap it in "Daddy" paper, so this is as close as I could think of!
Why yes, that is a zip-tie bow...

Yesterday I watched my friend's kids and they all had a tea party, with real tea, creamer, sugar, and mini 'Nilla was so cute! Here's some pics!

So, here in NC we have flies....lots and lots and lots of flies right much so that I went and bought this nifty fly trap thingy about a week ago...and this is what it caught...IN A WEEK!!!! YUCK-A-LICIOUS!!!
Best fly trap EVER! Yes...those are flies...ew.

I really should give this next part it's own separate blog post, and will at some point, but...I won a House Party for Ball Canning!! My party pack showed up today and I have to say I'm getting really excited about it!! I think we finally have a few recipes picked out and some friends and I will be canning some food soon!

 My mom-in-law will be coming up for the canning house party and to spend some time with us soon and we are excited! Not sure where she's going to sleep yet (eek!) but it will be alright.

Fertility wise...just doing my injections ultrasound is Monday.

Oh, and Lambchop will be leaving us soon. He can no longer live here. He headbutts children and the dog as soon as they are in the yard and he's just too rough.

I think a pig would be a cute pet next...are they as noisy as a lamb?

I think I'm going to watch a movie now and call it a day...


  1. oh poor lambchop! Sorry that it didn't work out

    i LOOOVE the ziptie bow!! Genius!!

    how cute is the tea party, and your doggie!

    so...that whole jar is filled with flies??? what kind of trap is that and where did you get it?

  2. Cher -- Lambchop was neat while he lasted, he just is too rough now.
    Thank you about the is SOOOO my husband too!
    yeah...that whole thing was full of flies...I got it at a tractor supply store...not sure what the brand is, but it's already full less than a week...ew.

  3. I love canning! I thought I was the only one left that did lol. How did you win a party? That is so cool!
    Hi from ICLW!