Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drill me

Have you ever heard of Ovarian Drilling?

Me either...well, at least until I had been seeking fertility treatments for years after having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Let me tell you what I've learned: Women with PCOS create more testosterone in their ovaries than normal (all women produce testosterone, but PCOS women make more than the average woman). When the ovaries are drilled, the Dr. creates very small, microscopic holes all over the ovaries which breaks the thick outer surface of the ovaries and reduces the amount of testosterone produced. This usually causes about 80% of patients to ovulate on their own and about 50% to get pregnant within 1 year.
Are there risks? Well, of course there are! It is surgery!! It is done under general anesthesia. A small insertion is made by the belly button and they fill ya up with gas to make room (bet that sucks afterwards!!!) and then they stick a camera and a drill in ya and drill holes into your ovaries!! This can cause scar tissue  and it can increase chances of ovarian failure.
all at once everyone.....EWWWWW
I asked Dr. P if he thought this might work for me and he is going to check to see if we have done enough other options and medications for it to work. It will work best if I lose more weight, so I really need to focus on getting these last 20lbs off to hit my goal BMI if I am going to do it. Besides fertility wise, it will just be better for me.


I have created a Facebook group to help motivate myself and my mommy (and non-mommy) friends to exercise and hit our fitness and weightloss goals. I am praying that they hold me accountable and that I can do the same for them!! We already have some great conversations and motivations going on! I know I exercised yesterday just because of this group...because I told them I would. I am excited for this.

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