Thursday, May 12, 2011

Georgia on my mind...

Florida-bound...well, for the weekend at least. Not a "vacation" because we are traveling down for a funeral. My Love's uncle passed recently from pancreatic cancer. It was very, very fast but we are glad to know he is in a better place and no longer in pain in his physical body. 

Traveling to Florida may end up ok (fertility-wise). I had a Dr. appt yesterday and actually saw Dr. P for the first time in months instead of just the U/S tech and his assistants. Not that they're not competent, he's just busy. He actually did the ultrasound and said that the timing for an IUI on Monday should work out well, so that was good to hear.
I LOVE traveling and I LOVE driving. I know lots of people that hate it, but we always enjoy ourselves and love taking little back roads through small farming towns...most of our drive is through Georgia. Yesterday I saw many peach plantations as well as pecan orchards and heard thousands of cicadas. We love to look at unique and ancient old downtowns as well as looking at the 100+ year old antebellum homes and plantation homes.

I can only hope we decide to take a slightly different route home so we can see more. :) Georgia really has some gorgeous areas!

Some of my friends might be surprised, but I'll leave you with one of my favorite singers, Mr. Ray Charles: 


  1. Fingers crossed for your IUI today!!!!! And I'm sorry about your Uncle (in-law). I love driving through the southern states as well, they are so beautiful. How does your little girl do on car trips?

  2. Thank you! Victoria does AWESOME on road trips...she loves her magnadoodle...BEST car trip toy EVER!! and she loves to sing...she's not good at it (like her momma), but she loves it! IUI went well, will post more later.