Thursday, May 5, 2011

Leena Deena and new shoes!

Oh, my goofy, beautiful child...she has been walking around with a baby doll in her tummy for the past several days on and off...and today she asked me to be her doctor to help "cut the baby out" of her I donned my medical gear (a hot pink, flowered scarf on my head) and grabbed my magical surgical kit (a wand and a comb), and she had a beautiful baby girl today. She named her Leena Deena (which changes all the time). And, at naptime, the baby went back into mommy's tummy.

Plans for the weekend:
We have a few birthday parties to go to this weekend, so that should be fun and keep up busy. One for Victoria's friend who is turning 3 and one for a friend of mine. I haven't seen my friend since she was pregnant a few months ago and I have yet to see her doll baby, but can't wait to meet her!

I really didn't believe people's allergies could change that much, but boy was I WRONG!! Apparently I'm allergic to the world right now...being inside or out doesn't eyes itch, I am coughing, sneezing once in a while, my nose itches, it's AWFUL!! The worst part is the itchy's not fun at all! I bought some allergy drops but they don't give long-term relief...UGH!

FREE stuff:
A friend of mine is having a giveaway on her blog for a follower milestone! Check it out!

Lisa's Blog - 200 Followers Giveaway...That means FREE stuff people!!

On the meds until my next ultrasound on Monday morning, bright and early. Victoria did great at my last one and there were some follicles, but nothing big yet. Blood tests said the estradiol levels were in the 50's, so keep going with the meds and re-check...that is all folks.

I found a field of dandelions down the street from my house and stopped for a few photos yesterday: 

  And I'll leave you with a view of my new shoes...for those that don't know me and might not understand this photo...I am 6'3" tall, so when I wear heels, people are always asking me "Why?" would I wear them...well:

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  1. Go you for wearing heels (and lovely ones at that)!! My whole family is tall and my older sister is the tallest at 5'11"-- she is also the one who wears heels the most. She always looks gorgeous and confident in them.

    Also, your photos are just lovely-- the technique, the flowers and your little girl, too :).