Friday, May 27, 2011

My lullaby to my daughter...

I have sang this song to my daughter since we brought her home from the hospital and it holds more meaning to me now than ever. Listen to it. Read it. You will understand. I think this is the perfect song for ANYONE to sing when they are suffering from Secondary Infertility.


Angel's Lullaby by Reba McIntire
Midnight moonlight shining through the curtain lace
Paints a perfect picture on your perfect face
One sweet angel sleeping in my arms
You are the promise I knew God would keep
You are the gift that makes my world complete

And you'll never know how much I love you
But I'll keep on telling you my whole life through
Now I believe in miracles, and you're the reason why
So dream on while I sing you my angel's lullaby

As far as I know, the only time this song was recorded was during the taping of her television show, Reba. I heard it and fell in love with it. I learned all the words when I was pregnant so I could have a short, sweet lullaby to sing to my daughter when she came home. We still sing it almost every night. 
Have a great night everyone!!

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