Tuesday, May 17, 2011

12 birthdays...

We had to do some traveling recently down to Florida, but are now home. We got home on Sunday night and Monday was My Love's Birthday! 33 years old, which means it was our 12th birthday to celebrate together! I remember our first one, his 21st, very well...

He looks so young!

Getting ready to go in!
Drinking beer at Six Flags with Brad!
He and I were not old enough. :p
We had just recently started dating and I wasn't sure what to get him...I wanted it to be special because it was his 21st, but didn't want to overdo it because I was a new girlfriend. I got him a 12 pack of Corona's and a birthday cake. We also had a trip planned to go to Six Flags that weekend with a bunch of friends, so I paid his way at Six Flags in Louisville, KY. We had a great time!

This year, I wish I could say I did something special, but that is not the case...yet. We will do something to celebrate his birthday, but it wasn't ON his birthday...we had just gotten home and we each had busy days. We did, however, get to have lunch together before our IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination). Without holding too much hope, we pray that this one, as we did with the three previous ones, works.
I think I will arrange a camping trip for his birthday, and will be cooking him a yummalicious pork roast with gnocchi and gravy, salad, wine,  and a chocolate cake this week. :)

For our trip, we did take one day and spend it at the beach. Our old stomping grounds, Panama City Beach! We had a blast at the beach and then headed over to Pier Park for some more fun and shopping! We also went out for a couple of meals, including Uncle Ernie's, one of our favorites!

Here are a few pics from our trip: 

Have a fantastic day!!

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  1. happy birthday to your dh!!!

    WOW, that water looks so refreshing! I want to jump right in!