Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The things on my counter...

Who knew that having a child would involve things such as children's pee and dog's poo on a bathroom countertop...together?

Victoria was outside playing in the backyard and came running in right past me, into the bathroom. I then heard what I assumed was her going potty...and all of a sudden I hear "Mommy, I peed in my panties!"...Ok, no big deal...she just didn't make it to the toilet, that happens when she waits too long I go to help.

To my surprise, she was standing on the countertop, one foot in the sink, washing dog poo off of it and peed in her panties right there on the counter...WTH? I asked her what happened (fully knowing that when she stuck her foot in the water, the pee came on out) and she says "I stepped in dog poop and was washing it off. It's on my flip-flops too". Yes, the ones she ran through the house in...Nice. So, I cleaned her and the mess up (lots of antibacterial wipes).

I was intending on writing something else today, but will save it for another day. For now, just have a laugh at my pee and poo demise and enjoy your day!